• v1.1.1.0

released at 27/03/2019

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Stratis Core fixes a couple of loading issues and includes the latest improvements done in the full node.

Notable changes

  • The history tab will now show up to 500 items.
  • Fixes API error message.

Known issues

  • It is currently possible to start staking before the wallet is ready for it. Please wait until you see connections in the bottom right corner before you start staking. This will be fixed in the next release.


  • d824c675e3c28bb916b03302e335d8aeed777fda Update dependencies and bump version (#217)
  • 143c523bdf858b55be1e2ec06a06a6eadf48aae5 updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule (#216)
  • b5e60dc6fd847f97bd1348b8bc7bd1a317a93e62 Prevent shutdown when serve/nodaemon arg given (#213)
  • 2b87882e1568604aece488d82dc9441ede2c6a2a Update dependencies (#212)
  • 3369a44e05e4e59101565cddc81a79d83df05e59 Revert subscription handling changes (#211)

This version utilizes the release/ branch of the full node.

File Hashes

Stratis.Core-v1.1.1-setup-win-x64.exe F8F8599D90D9BFCC0E8B151CB6692AE59883DC3151BCF801E822F297C8AA1B84 Stratis.Core-v1.1.1-setup-win-x86.exe AAB9C089E04ED34895803B2039152A3DC036BE62609221F4A334CDECA60CD442 Stratis.Core-v1.1.1-linux-amd64.deb 241732324CB1AD95888817FFE981BE71555BE07A197E55F5276352B474FF171C Stratis.Core-v1.1.1-linux-x64.tar.gz E48FA02E831718E55AC9E4C8C6C1F2F65E5EB8A6BC73ABBAC5B31FEB9F7C9B98 Stratis.Core-v1.1.1-mac.dmg 89B8B4DB2CA031610113A9170D8CD6428D978F6E604BDF944AC32E41CF736312

????‍???? Support

Please help us by reporting any issue you may find: On GitHub: https://github.com/stratisproject/StratisCore/issues On the #support channel on Discord: https://discord.gg/AprrpF3

  • v1.1.0.0

released at 13/03/2019

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Stratis Core 1.1.0 focuses on improving the user-experience and is now the recommended wallet for staking on the Stratis mainchain.

Notable changes

Add send to sidechain

The ability to send funds to a sidechain from the Stratis Core wallet is included in this release. This feature can be used to send funds to the Cirrus sidechain.

Core Updates

This release includes a major update in the application architecture. Stratis Core has now been migrated to Angular 7 and Electron 4.


  • Added ability to rescan the wallet from a certain date
  • Fixed daemon shutdown on application close for Mac
  • Display the amount of coins that have gained maturity
  • Improvements based of user feedback.

Known issues

Something went wrong while connecting to the API. Please restart the application.

A bug has been found in the user interface where you would see the error above. After clicking OK the wallet user interface reloads and you can login again. This is a user interface bug only, the node running in the background is not affected. Staking continues. There is no need to restart the application.

????‍???? Support

Please help us by reporting any issue you may find: On GitHub: https://github.com/stratisproject/StratisCore/issues On the #support channel on Discord: https://discord.gg/AprrpF3

This version utilizes the release/ branch of the full node.


  • d7d2ed1b766a7a36652db8d5e979c48a9964f6f0 Various UI changes (#208)
  • 43f7591bf45c28fc5680a26d2a4917cc6e8ccb3f Adjust wallet shutdown on OS X (#207)
  • 57a0db499673f4045f9225d1ee2c17777321e944 Subscription manangement poc (#206)
  • de5fdb5549662c3f202bc0416426026ee52d98dc Merge pull request #204 from stratisproject/dev0
  • 783e0b4006037361f818d34f5a631ecc09a97202 Rename resync to rescan and add datapicker
  • 4d4cd7710969389404f5d6cd54754c3ddcd8a727 Show spendable balance in send modal
  • 2855792720b3d8ab043dcfe8d01d1b13a0e092c0 Fix coins waiting for maturity
  • 8a4bb73f277bd532f9f609be31514244a08951c2 Grey out future dates, fix inconsistent clicks
  • 71c8b1c643777a750296e47212f884a5ac906913 Update dependencies
  • 3d4241b8aa9eaec9630a385f1b7c28eb0af455aa Merge branch 'master' of http://www.github.com/stratisproject/StratisCore into dev0

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  • 1cf4f861b263b777ba11d77a11d40a7feaac1e78 updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule (#203)
  • 828058fd0205bb79523f7c963a51411d60470e1d updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule (#202)
  • 787598bbe9cde9e8b1266645e13f053718890f11 updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule (#199)
  • c8d7fa296c49a7671e821d5b1d0fcee9ea806856 updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule (#198)
  • 313f657722080ff3ec0982d6c1571abafebac6a9 updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule (#197)
  • c4fdfd3b6a21c0010398011e02406c309f832823 Update dependencies (#196)
  • 55335527a7127c93f9e6738e6e532032018fc489 Adjust gitignores
  • ab2dcdb8d7d28e95fe54f8ef8ff9bca088cde07b Update dependencies
  • d79106b61d6f27a4869f6a2ea1e4837c9fc2e777 updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule (#195)
  • d1037cfa97c7091c6f46fd0c8f3bcbbc8981a125 Fixed closing wallet error. (#194)
  • 2a0faffddb47d0799f9de160eddce1e056867a5f Raspberry Pi associated updates (#192)
  • 41ab56c6663af28bb077fc09283c882077ce09be Core overhaul (#190)
  • 0da463e459f8624d3bc90176cf631b55e8280b26 Adjust UI to work with mainnet smart contracts (#183)
  • 1d7e33d212fef667dafeb2e8f0771312ed32f5ff Merge pull request #182 from stratisproject/submodule-update-fed
  • b866d85a4b4df9b380622905c1257dbc16363390 updated FederatedSidechains submodule
  • bb47eebd560a19e9855eb0a47757477be1694a90 Merge pull request #180 from stratisproject/bep-datepicker
  • 90f32cf9db9571669b1b37be99fdb257207d5ad3 Merge pull request #179 from stratisproject/dev0
  • 39954175320fcdfed09646d1c14a89c5b6b4f9fd Merge branch 'master' into dev0
  • 4d11a78a1959189420f7569a6143ac1d284ffef7 Add opReturnAmount, show more details in send confirmation
  • 1ae1176e42e84ee62512597c9b011f2fc5bb1481 Merge pull request #178 from stratisproject/submodule-update
  • 1e41fd9edac1a36a24b24920dbbe2fafa6a767b5 Merge pull request #177 from stratisproject/submodule-update-fed
  • d7df0298c5e36484d29e668657537c6594723e75 updated FederatedSidechains submodule
  • 29cd41764f0b44fb4f0c42595245359c36c38b88 updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule
  • 96cfd3bcce12ed43f5515545a907ad39c5da4f30 older-month class updated
  • 2698915d56bdf7135f9c239f9d0d1534efb84d1e Datepicker style added
  • 3d98296c51198413bb6bafb179304da8fe8c6fd4 Various UI changes (#176)
  • 13417e6fd3f07ca54583bdc26949ad96fe50550e Adjust send component
  • 2d2e68a6fa370b3050dd832d0a5a587a9dc4b09e Fix datepicker
  • fa5578048f1c76a4b51d0a10b4ffa45891fff34a UI design changes (#175)
  • 9c22a7a3ff83699d7248823b11b6a9df35b8b3f7 Add sidechain/smart contracts UI (#173)
  • 12b88292c67c779bc268441834143ec52022adb0 Merge pull request #130 from rowandh/sc-wallet
  • 5d0e1bd7e2d87c5131333329daf9dda32a0e4466 Merge branch 'master' into sc-wallet
  • 12464ed4c4bcad1f780c6727055843beef528753 Merge pull request #172 from stratisproject/dev0
  • a752a8cc5168f5ce7fbfeb23017367b273c3b219 Add send to sidechain
  • 1f4e39db61c6c45e432dce705f7bfab66b2e4d67 Display bytecode validation errors
  • 38f3de6f8fbf3111672bc4f101b1db50fff04869 Amount should not be integer
  • 7c536fe4967d9dba83ee021cc3c9dfeafa0cc38a Add gas refund label
  • 798f3ac9d21f45c308522fbdc6103a05716dd628 Fix history amount
  • 8bcafd942a8a2cda78db6e9c5aad0c24e87bf997 Display receipt JSON
  • e55cfa78e73f0e693fccc1308ca82b768a7eff03 Float balance to the right
  • bf504bb00d1d4759ba3626e3514db8363ab971a6 Truncate addresses and txhashes
  • d7288ae9531b8382dc833d708c8754d485af4fe8 Unsubscribe observables
  • dd99675a258e0f4827624ab74584f5cd3ff244c5 Docs/comments
  • a609caac387547830bea02643248bf8371573d8f Poll balance and history
  • f52c8c346b60aa999d59e167bed87ecdda62fb79 Handle errors without interrupting stream
  • b527e2f17e42773f82e285bd55a99b96e9e49c7f Wire up call POST
  • 67a6305e136bb5d105ad6f04d89a1ebe4030449d Display both types of error
  • 6ca748222c24127834e0263ce4b11e4ef80bacbe Display loading spinner
  • 0aed94108cc93c2a58445085ddc56ff65e817b2f Wire up create POST
  • 19877e3b8dc37a43dae7ab064793b06713d775ae Add form labels, tooltips and defaults
  • 5fac081ac91e0df0e6c034d37fde4cfa8bde5b55 Add password validation error
  • 53823cc783e167f27c44149631c323e1e70695ef Amount is not required
  • c74b64e61e141c5d26f1805a4bfcda7a0e25570d Add fee and password
  • eb97c0f06014aa25f34298d3195b7dad1c697086 Add parameter types
  • 46a5a9f5f9544b637a109515f3b7f003335a1fca Add field validation
  • bbb0f5393f4a801e740fb16089d3e862338e19ac Add parameter select form group
  • 55eb97ac82804272e7d8808592ec823d285763f2 Begin form validation
  • 035927a07dc22c727b6050707bc29040a3935138 Begin create/call modal
  • cd1fe78f810c18d597e2e11a7e5823a4bd05ece8 Remove pagination
  • b2bdeb4abfd3e84918447e9933b43a805e925fc9 Display API error modal
  • c4991d519996668b0f64ffe784844a45cba9ddcf Add contract type pipe
  • c46771c266d314be188ba81bd37ac2e27492f2cd Add balance tooltip
  • 5ce3656d2e5c54942d3ae2e32982f89d9ceb785d Add balance component
  • 2a556c41351e7217e16661c80ba615a7c97648f2 Use coinnotation pipe
  • 50a4744a1b08e3948fd8339be323a7feee8b6fc4 Catch API errors for history/balance
  • b278d8e305736363aeaeeb0e40c210c2c18fff61 Load transactions
  • 335f02f3e094aeaf1c3e84b36d49ae62dc9eee80 Remove GetByteCode
  • d9546fb9aa00d0b68fa0a6b41da98f8f81f12ca5 Use real service
  • v1.0.0.0
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The Stratis team is delighted to announce the production release of the Stratis Core wallet.

Stratis Core now runs the latest version of the Stratis Node in the back-end and therefore is more stable, more secure and more performant than previous versions.

The user experience as well as the UI have also been improved.

Notable changes

HD implementation

You can now add an optional passphrase to generate your wallets private seed. People that have used a previous version of Stratis Core will need to enter their password as the passphrase to recover their wallet.

Advanced Tab

Shows some details of the Stratis Node running in the back-end. Additionally, there is a button to resync the wallet from scratch, in case transactions don't get propagated and the wallet is in a funny state.

Generate many addresses

BIP44 calls for an address gap of 20, but if you want to generate more receive addresses, you can. You'd typically use this if you've used the wallet to receive funds during an ICO and you're received funds across thousands of addresses.

Address book

This can be used to save addresses of friends or of a sidechain for example.

Pagination for history and address items

Helps when you have hundreds of transaction/addresses.


  • Lots of small improvements based of user feedback.
  • Some subtle but necessary design touch-ups.

????‍???? Support

Please help us by reporting any issue you may find: On GitHub: https://github.com/stratisproject/StratisCore/issues On the #support channel on Discord: https://discord.gg/AprrpF3

Known issues

Failed to connect to Stratis Node

There have been some breaking changes in the database structure since our last release. Please shut down your client and clear your data paths before starting the client again.

Windows: Using the File Explorer, navigate to %APPDATA%\StratisNode\stratis\StratisMain Remove the apps, blocks, chain, coinview, finalizedBlock, provenheaders and peers.json folders/files. Restart your client after removing the folders.

MacOS: Open your Applications folder, then open the Utilities folder. Double click the Terminal application. In the terminal please type the following:

rm -rf ~/.stratisnode/stratis/StratisMain/{apps, blocks, chain, coinview, finalizedBlock, provenheaders, peers.json}

Restart your client.

Linux In a terminal please type the following:

rm -rf ~/.stratisnode/stratis/StratisMain/{apps, blocks, chain, coinview, finalizedBlock, provenheaders, peers.json}

Restart your client.

MacOS: Stratis.StratisD daemon still active after shutdown

On MacOS the Stratis.StratisD doesn't close properly on quitting the Core application. Please go to launchpad and type "Activity Monitor", open the program, click Stratis.StratisD and click the X on the top left corner to quit the Stratis.StratisD process.

  • v0.2.0-beta
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Following on from the recent successful release of the Stratis Full Node Mainnet Beta, Stratis is proud to present the Mainnet Beta release of the Stratis Full Node GUI, which has now officially been renamed Stratis Core.

We took on the feedback from our users and added new features as well as more general improvements:

  • Wallet officially renamed Stratis Core
  • QR codes appear in the receive modal
  • Ability to view all addresses that are generated by the wallet

Additional improvements also in this release are as follows:

  • UI enhancements
  • Update to use the latest beta version of the Full Node
  • Update of external dependencies

This is a beta release, therefore, please use the staking feature with caution.

Please help us by reporting any issues you may find: GitHub: https://github.com/stratisproject/FullNodeUI/issues Discord: #support channel

  • v0.1.0-alpha
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This is the alpha release of the Stratis Wallet (name TBD), running on the Stratis Testnet network and represents an important milestone for Stratis.

A full node staking wallet

This wallet houses our full node, written in C#. It downloads the whole Stratis blockchain and helps the network by fully validating blocks and transactions and by relaying them to other peers on the network. Additionally, this wallet is capable of staking TSTRATS.

What's next?

We have quite a few features and improvements planned for future versions. Make sure you follow our progress on our blog, our Twitter account and on our community Slack.


If you find a bug

The first thing to do is to head over to our list of issues on GitHub and check if a similar issue has already been reported by someone else.
If that's the case, you can add a comment saying that you're experiencing the same problem. If no one has reported this issue, you can open one yourself.
In it, give us as many details as possible:

  • the operating system you're running,
  • the steps that you took that led to this exception and
  • whatever else you think might help us find out what the problem is.

Also, you can help us by sending the debug files in %AppData%\StratisNode\Logs on Windows or ~/.stratisnode/logs on MacOS and Linux. Note: When you report issues, please create a separate one for each, rather than one issue containing all your feedback. Alternatively, you can come to our #fullnode_support channel on Slack to tell us about it.

If you need help or if you have general suggestions

We have a great community and a very dedicated team that will be able to help you if you have a question or a suggestion. For that, come to our #fullnode_support channel on Slack or email support@stratisplatform.zendesk.com.


Stratis Testnet Explorer